Are Your Finances Scaring You?

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Face it, whatever our finances are, most of us think about money all the time, like every day. Yet for all this thinking, most of us really don’t know much about our money. Where is it going? How to prioritize? How to make it grow?

In truth, we’ve taken our finances and shoved them into a closet and locked the door, maybe even barricaded it.  Are you afraid of the “money skeletons” buried in your closet?  You’ve already made them and now it’s time to put them to rest. You bought that dress you never wear, that car you can’t afford, or that dream vacation you’re still paying for.  This blame, shame, and guilt monologue doesn’t help you – if anything it prevents you from facing your finances and creating a plan to move towards being debt free, developing savings, and growing your wealth.

What’s really scary is doing nothing. Doing nothing keeps you on the same path you’re on, a path to the financial grave yard of – “I wish I would have (fill in the blank) sooner”. But you can! And trust me, while it looks dark and scary in that closet, there is a light waiting to be turned on that will bring clarity to your finances and empowerment in your actions.

When it comes to money, time can be your best or worst friend – after all, TIME IS MONEY! If you’re in debt, making just the minimum payments, time is sucking your money away from you like a constant parasite. Just think, what if all that money going to debt was going to savings? Every penny counts, so, if you’re waiting to start saving till you have a “starter pot”, time is making retirement and your freedom further and further away.

However, with the right plan and action, TIME CAN BE YOUR BEST FRIEND! When it comes to savings, time is your biggest ally – don’t waste it! Your money needs time to grow. So the longer you ignore your finances, stay in debt, or delay savings, the more time is wasted and the less time your money has to grow.

Just ask yourself, what are you truly afraid of? What’s keeping you from taking all this thought about money and turning it into an actionable plan that gets the results you want?

Remember, TIME IS THE KEY TO GROWING WEALTH.  So it’s time to get started!


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